Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Love Note of Remembrance for the Future

Right now we’re young and innocent without a worry in the world.

We live each passing day, bathing ourselves in the all that simply is,

Living in the moment—with no fear of what’s to come or regret for what was.

But will you remember me when we’ve grown old?

Will you remember the life we used to share together?

Will you cherish the way things used to be…

Before falling prey to the workings of time;

Before Life’s unpredictability led us down two separate, lonely paths?

Will you remember those nights spent lying beneath the twinkling of the stars,

Holding hands and gazing up wondrously at the heavens;

The way we used to dance together in the opalescent moonlight,

Two lovers amidst a symphony of silence and beating hearts,

And the glowing of a thousand fireflies in the dark.

Remember how we used to smile,

Remember how we used to laugh,

Remember how you used to fill my heart with happiness.

And if you are to only remember one thing, just remember how much youmeant to me;

Remember how I used to love you,

And remember that I always will.

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