Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Beauty of Destruction

An old building that once touched the sky, crumbles into nothing more than a pile of rubble and debris—a pale comparison of the great structure it used to be. And in a few years time, something bigger and better takes its place.

We often look at creation and life as something amazing; renewal and preservation as something marvelous. But yet, on the opposite side of the spectrum, there is something so awe worthy and amazing about destruction that it sparks a great sense of interest inside of us, or at least I know it does in me. We often look at the two—creation and destruction—in terms of good vs. bad, life vs death, light vs. shadow, etc… but does destruction really have to be the essence of negativity? Like all things, there is no beginning without an end, and nothing lasts forever except Time itself as we know it. Sometimes it takes the imminent destruction of one thing (or many) to cause the creation of something else much newer and better than it was before. As we recognize and respect destruction for what it is—a way of paving a path for the birth of something new—the line that separates opposite from opposite, creation from destruction becomes blurred. Soon before we know it, what was once viewed as something to be feared becomes a process of life and renewal in and of itself.

Without one, how could we possibly come to know the other?

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