Monday, February 24, 2014

Dad's Eulogy

 Michael R. Althouse, Sr., loving friend, cousin, nephew, brother, son, and an unforgettable father. We come here today to both honor and celebrate his life, and to remember him in light of all the wonderful memories we have of him.
            Dad was a man well known for his happy-go-lucky personality—a jokester to the core with a contagious smile and a knack for making people laugh. And aside from the visage of the guy with the piercing blue eyes and charming looks, he was a man with a huge heart and an always-extended helping hand. Be it needing a shoulder to cry on or someone simply to just talk to, Dad was there for those in need.
            And speaking of talking, boy did he like to chat. Dad could sit down and have a conversation for hours—as I know firsthand from the many past phone calls we had talking of what seemed to be little to nothing for an hour or more. And I would sit there on the one end, getting a bit antsy, because he would keep going on and on. But now, in reflection of his life, what becomes apparent is how easy we take for granted the little things in life—I would give anything to hear his voice again if only for a moment in time. I guess I really learned the value of living every moment like it could be the last, because only God knows what tomorrow brings.
            On further note, however, I can recall countless other memorable times I spent with my dad—trips to Wawa for candy and Slushees when I was younger, or visiting Talluto’s for our favorite little mozzarella balls, or even just a quiet night out to eat at a local restaurant. And who could forget he was a good cook? Old bay spaghetti with shrimp was one of my favorites that he made. It was these little things that mattered most to me.
            As for Dad, even through a past full of struggles, it was his kids that mattered most to him, and his pride for his children and their accomplishments was nearly unrivaled. He would brag to just about anyone about how proud he was, and in doing so he would light up with joy and a large smile would quickly form on his face. If anything, he never left me feeling unloved or underappreciated—he found life in his children. If he could have given us the world and more he would have.
            As I stand up here today, let us remember my dad in all his former glory. As a beloved friend and family member he lives on in memory as someone we hold dear to our heart. Let us rejoice in the good times and find within us the ability to forgive. And while my dad fought his demons, deep down he truly was a remarkable individual. Through him I would not be the resilient person I am today. He provided me with a pathway to learn from his mistakes and better myself, and he instilled in me a greater drive for learning and understanding the value of an education. But he is with the Lord now, without pain and suffering; an angel of God welcomed with open arms by those loved ones who we have also lost. And until the day has come when the Lord has called for us all to return to His kingdom, Mike, Moose, or Dad—however you choose to refer to him as—will be greatly missed.

Musings of an Alley Cat

I walk the line of solitude in hopes of recognition,

For you to catch my blackened stare devoid of recollection,

Of what it felt like to be loved and held dear to someone’s heart;

To feel the aching in my soul whenever we’re apart.

But here I stand, abandoned still, with no one’s hand to hold,

Left to wander, aimlessly, these empty, lifeless streets, so cold.

A stray to love, I view myself—lost but still not found;

Waiting patiently until that day when you might come around,

To scoop me up in both your arms and plant me with a kiss;

To fill my heart with joy once more, for that’s what’s been amiss.