Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aunt Vada's Eulogy

Vada Miller. Words can only begin to describe that remarkable woman we call our Mother, our Sister, our Grandmother, our Aunt, our Cousin, and our Friend. A true southern bell with old-school values, and a noteworthy seamstress with a knack for exceptional cooking and baking. A sassy sophisticated woman with an eye for fashion, Vada always wore her Sunday finest day-in and day-out complete with elegant jewelry, polished makeup, and an up to date cut and color. She always looked immaculate wherever she went, and that is perhaps one of the most noteworthy recollections people seem to make of her today aside from memories of her cornucopia of confectionary creations. I never will forget her seven-layer cake with homemade chocolate frosting, something I looked forward to whenever I knew she was making it and that the family and I famously dubbed the “Vada Cake.” As we look back on her life, we remember Vada as a woman with a great sense of pride, pride in her work and pride in her family. She valued her family above all things and always stressed the importance of working hard and pursuing an education as paramount to succeeding in life. Now as we come together in congregation to this church today, let us not mourn the death of Vada, let us not shed tears of sadness, but rather let us celebrate the life of an extraordinary hard working woman who devoted herself to serving her friends and family. We must make realization that she is now in a better place, a place without worry, without aging, without sickness, without death. A place where she can forever bathe in the glory of the Lord and the love of her friends and family who have for so long anticipated their reunion with her, for this is not an end but rather another beginning. We must accept life as it is, to cherish the beautiful memories we’ve shared, and understand that we will all be together once again some time from now. Until that day, Vada will be forever busy baking cakes for the angels. May she forever rest in peace.