Friday, July 23, 2010

Brain Games and Words of Wisdom

Several weeks ago I came up with the quirky idea to perform a sort of psychology experiment of my own -- on myself -- to demonstrate the brains plasticity in forming new neural connections . While it may sound confusing at a glance, it was actually quite simple and required little more than about 3 minutes of my time each day and a tooth brush. Now before we go saying, "What could you possibly do with a tooth brush?" allow me to explain...

Generally, I am a right handed person and the mere thought of brushing my teeth with my left hand at the time was utterly confusing and extremely frustrating -- I just wasn't coordinated enough. But each and every day I would take the time to brush my teeth with my left hand until I got progressively better at it -- a sign that my brain was actually "rewiring" itself in a sense, and these "wirings" became increasingly stronger the more I worked at my left handed tooth brushing. Overall, it would appear that we as people were born for self-improvement and all it takes is a bit of practice and commitment.

Before we start doubting our abilities to achieve certain things, I think it goes to show that practice really makes perfect -- I mean, after all I can easily brush my teeth now with my left hand. But whatever it is that you do, it should appear to be relatively clear that with some time and effort we can achieve much greater things in life. Maybe you want to become a better football player, all you need to do is practice. Maybe you want to become a lawyer, all you need to do is practice. Maybe you just want to be simple like me and perform your own little science experiment of your own, all it takes is practice. Whether we're playing sports or studying our butts off, it all remains evident that we're not perfect and that there is always room for improvement; that we are beings who constantly undergo change and have the ability to become better. All it takes is a little bit of practice.

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